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Direct Technology

State-of-the-art technologies, No middle man.

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Solution & Service

Best Value. Quick complete install. Complete customization to fit each customer's environment and need. Fully managed service with direct resources no reselling.

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Instant Support

24/7 experienced direct tech support. Real-time troubleshooting for complex technical issues.

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At FTS Broadband, we aim to provide your business
with high quality Internet and phone service that saves you both time and money.
Learn more about us and you’ll see why customers switch to
FTS and never look back.


FTS Broadband is the perfect choice for your broadband needs.

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Business communication system including high speed internet and voice solution for commercial office building owner and operator. Equip building with a better ISP to increase building value and provide better service to tenants.
Price: Case-by-case

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Professional, high-reliability bandwidth for mission critical applications, Corp VPN, Cloud computing/applications;

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High quality business VoIP service for small to medium size businesses. Work with existing equipments, suitable for 1 to 30 line office.
Price:Guaranteed cost saving

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Full digital integration for one or multiple locations. High quality, feature rich, suitable for businesses with 5 to 300 lines or more.
Advanced service with full range of upgrades and cost saving

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Custom-designed data and voice solution to meet your needs.

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Up to 10,000 Mbps (10 Gigabite) upstream and downstream; asymmetrical speed 3-500 Mbps download, 512-30,000 Kbps upload.

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High speed T1-grade internet and VoIP bundle service for medium-sized office.

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DirecTV authorized commercial, hotel & lodging dealer. Reliable engineering and service. HDTV for to existing or new TV system.
best quailty & price



A state-of-the-art, highly efficient, high-speed broadband internet system.



Hosted at our own private cloud in downtown LA, providing top security and quality, without going through public internet.



IT & LAN are a core part of technology reliability.



24/7 instant service with high skill team, no long holds, and instant problem solving.



Custom-designed and implemented solution for each customer's unique situation for best value.

Our team assesses your current Internet and phone status and works with you personally to refresh and re-align your strategy. We identify technology needs and selections to fit your organization’s short- and long-term mission and vision. We oversee implementation with our professional engineers and continually monitor ongoing performance.
We also recommend actions for continuous improvement and adaptation as you and your industry’s needs change.

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Dedicated multi-10-Gigabit fiber connection to Internet core.

FTS Broadband's connectivity can be used for any-to-many applications required by today’s enterprises or service providers looking to aggregate remote service points with high-bandwidth connectivity. Our dedicated fibers ensures that your connectivity will not be affected by high traffic from other sources.

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Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint.

FTS's patented technology enhances common WISP technology to carrier class reliability with additional functions unachievable by any other technology.

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100M/1000M Ethernet connection for metro buildings.

FTS Broadband customers receive dedicated, guaranteed and reliable Internet connection with the option to bundle all of their communication services with one company.

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Open air, direct line correspondence.

Instead of using fiber glass as media for signal transmission, our innovative industrial design improves RF isolation to significantly reduce interference and deliver superior gain for high‑capacity, multipoint networks.

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Reliable and stable low-latency Internet with bandwidth from 5 Mbps-10 Gbps.

Guaranteed up and down fiber internet bandwidth that covers network service from end-to-end.

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Crystal clear, feature rich, cost saving telephony with satisfaction guaranteed.

FTS Broadband offers a comprehensive suite of professionally managed Voice over IP (VoIP) business telephone services and consulting. FTS Broadband has the expertise and infrastructure to provide top quality, cloud based services to businesses of all sizes.

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Special voice gateway with custom design and installation, feature-rich and hassle-free.

FTS Broadband keeps your business connected with your customers, whether they’re around the corner or around the globe. We will work with you to analyze your existing network and upgrade you to the best full-service VoIP setup from the network level to custom dial plans and feature-rich VoIP phones. We offer a variety of phone solutions to fit your organization’s needs and budget including traditional phone service, hosted solutions and voice trunking.

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PRI and/or CO lines for legacy phone system with full integration.

FTS Broadband has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the specific telecommunications for your business's needs. We sell and service a wide variety of telephone systems and related equipment. We can also maintain your existing phone equipment, no matter how outdated it may be. We can add additional call overflow feature and other enhancements to maximize the value of your existing system.

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Improve patient care and inventory management while reducing operational costs.

We have extensive experience creating custom full solutions for your healthcare business, whether you have one or multiple offices. We provide all essential features that will maximize your business potential, including custom on hold music, call overflow queue, afterhours paging voicemail to email, special voice gateway/firewall, in-house team installation, free IP network analysis, low cost IP professional network upgrade and installation, and more. We fully handle your phone system so you can focus on your business.

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Full-feature telephony tailored to your needs.

When it comes to business phone systems today, companies of any size and market can enjoy greater access to advanced telemanagement. FTS will work with you to create the full-service telephony network tailored to your needs, either using new VoIP phones or your existing PBX/phone system. We can provide advanced features such as loudspeaker/trim/paging, gate/access control, custom ring groups, and day and night mode.

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No downtime for your important business needs.

We know you have must-succeed applications. We can provide your business with a single high reliable connection or multiple redundancy connections, depending on your needs, and advanced network monitoring around-the-clock.

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Upgradeable, flexible low monthly fee plan.

Burstablity and scalability are features that come into play when we are discussing your bandwidth and the amount of data transfer you have at your disposal. If at any time you need additional bandwidth, we can upgrade your connection instantly.

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Small to large-scale wifi network system for your office, factory, warehouse, hotel, or campus.

Always on, always fast access to email and other business applications on your network, either for a temporary event or a permanent setup.

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Fast, reliable Internet for your event.

We've been providing event wifi for the Los Angeles entertainment industry for many years. Our customers include the Oscars, Emmys, ABC, CBS, HBO, SAG, NBC and many other movies and TV shoots. We deploy networks in which each access point is managed by a central controller to ensure optimum network performance.

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Complete system design and implementation per your requirements.

Our many years of experience insures that we have effective strategies, tactics, and tools for managing the design and construction delivery processes and for controlling key factors to ensure that you receive a system that works well and matches your expectations.

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Single provider for infrastructure, networking and deployment.

When your IT team is free from having to manage daily operational tasks, it can become a real partner. It does this by managing IT and resources that allow your business to develop innovative revenue streams and new ways of doing business. We can enhance your business efficiency by planning infrastructure redesign and upgrade with you.

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Professional design, planning and installation.

Your network data cabling system transfers the lifeblood of your businesses information. The installation services, materials used, quality of data cable and testing procedures are all critical for maximum reliability and maximum throughput performance. FTS Broadband can provide the data and voice cabling network wiring for your new office. We can install and certify a variety of cables, including Cat 5e, Cat 6, fiber optic cable, patch panels, and plenum cables.

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Complete Turnkey Solutions

From anywhere in the world to your computer at the click of a mouse, delivering Internet is no small task. Just one break in the long conveyor belt of data, and the entire service fails. With the increasing digitization of the business environment, it's virtually impossible for many to work without Internet access. When an ISP has problems, all of your productivity is out the window: no email, web services, and web presence means huge losses by the minute.

The reason why so many other ISPs have frequent problems is that their service is a patchwork. They piece their network together with equipment from various vendors until it works, without making sure it works well. The result is a hard-to-maintain and very fragile connection, because multiple vendors means multiple potential failing points. When one equipment fails, the entire machine goes down, and your business is left up in the air until the problem is fixed, which could take days. Multiple vendors also means finger-pointing and inability to solve the problem quickly. Meanwhile, you have to get tickets from technical support and wait endlessly on the phone, losing much of your business productivity.

Fully Integrated Solution

Other ISPs only give you an Internet connection and expect you to figure it out all by yourself. For business owners, this means hiring IT personnel, incurring additional costs, or try to figure it out themselves. Not FTS Broadband: we don't just connect your jack in the wall to the rest of the Internet. We watch your network 24/7 and provide completely free and helpful technical support, reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more holding on the line for hours like with other providers: we answer your call in seconds with actual solutions. When you get broadband from FTS, you're getting the actual connection and also complete network monitoring, security, and support for free.

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Who we are and why it matters.

We're FTS Broadband, a professional state-of-art business grade broadband Internet last-mile solutions and products provider. Our talented engineering team has many years of real-world hands-on working experience, and our management team has many years of business experience.

Our mission is to deliver reliable and economical broadband connectivity for businesses through our own state-of-art Direct Broadband Technology (DBT). We are customer driven. We are the provider that you need to build a solution for you, not to live with whatever you can get. In all our dealings with others, we strive to be friendly, courteous, and fair. We perform with honesty and integrity in everything we do. We are always professional and responsive. We believe that our growth depends on close interaction with our customers and use promise to live up to and exceed their expectations.

FTS provides broadband Internet access to business users with the FTS Direct Broadband Technology (DBT) network. DBT is a rock-solid and affordable business-grade high-speed Internet connection with many great features in addition to high-speed and low-cost.


In early 1998, FTS Broadband began designing wireless solutions for last-mile delivery of broadband solutions to businesses with the simple premise of quality, scalability and affordability. These core values led to our proprietary state-of-the-art Direct Broadband Technology (DBT) that delivers broadband Internet, data, voice and video for businesses. DBT is the first to offer a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional ISP offerings like dial-up, DSL, T1 and T3 that use the outdated telephone system designed for voice, not data. Clearly, our approach is changing the face of Internet access. The difference we deliver in scalability, speed, reliability and affordability proves that. It's the value we deliver that sets new standards for success.

In 2002, FTS Broadband launched its first commercial DBT network in Torrance, California, followed by launching the second phase of its wireless footprint in Los Angeles. In the same year, we opened a network operations center (NOC) and co-location facility in Los Angeles, California's Mid-Wilshire district. Starting from 2002, FTS Broadband and its network have been successfully providing professional service to a large variety of partners, clients and projects, among them, prestigious commercial building ownership corporations and smaller commercial building operators. From single stand-alone industrial buildings to large class-A high raise buildings, from single-computer offices to large enterprise users with hundreds of computers, from one-computer operations to professional big-pipe bandwidths, from simple data access to professional TV/movie shootings, NASA space projects, educational and medical offices, propriety campus network and long range propriety VPN, managed security and mixed data voice operations, video surveillance projects and advanced executive office data/voice solutions, FTS has supported our many customers with our rock-solid connection and peerless performance.

FTS is in constant expansion of its technology and infrastructure in order to service more areas and customers.

Our Philosophy

We aim to make better business connections using technology without boundaries to be a professional business provider and partner that our clients can count on.

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